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  1. The Boulevard
    Hi new guy here.. Just bought a 2007 c50t which the po had removed the saddlebags along with other things to store the bike..She the lost the bolts needed to reattach them. Can someone tell me what size are those bolts? Thanks for your help
  2. Suzuki
    Im looking for the rear rotor bolt torque i think its 36lbs but not sure if anyone can help it would be awesome.
  3. The Boulevard
    I’m putting some saddlebags on an ’06 C50. It currently has a sissy bar on it and I’m assuming the fender bolts that are there now came with the sissy bar so as to fit that frame and are longer than the originals. When I install the saddlebag mount I’m going to need new, longer bolts. Any...
1-3 of 3 Results