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  1. Parts needed for 2013 Boulevard C90 **HELP**

    So I made the mistake of lending my bike to a friend while I was out of state. The day before I returned I received a phone call.... I think we know where this is going. I screwed up and have learned from it. My needs- Pretty much everything on the right side including the front and rear fender...
  2. C50 Gear indicator

    I rented out a Suzuki C50 through rideshare today and really liked the built-in gear indicator. Wanted to know from which year model did Suzuki start putting these gear indicators in C50? It will help narrow down my search for used bikes.
  3. 2008 C50 touring set up

    The Boulevard
    I have a stripped down C50 that I would like to add a few things to for about a week of touring. In no particular order: some crash bars (maybe some covers for the crash bars; a clip on fairing; some luggage for the back (probably won't have a passenger). Just looking for some suggestions...
  4. 2015 C90 BOSS Rear Axle Nut Torque

    The Boulevard
    I'm in the process of replacing my rear tire, but cannot seem to find the torque value for the rear axle nut, or any torque specs for the 2015 model for that matter. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. New Owner: C109R Questions

    Tips & Training
    Hello I am the proud new owner of a 2008 C109R. BUT it didn't come with an owners manual. Can anyone tell me what the recommended tire pressures are? Also when checking the oil on this bike is it dipstick threaded in or just dip and out? Thanks
  6. 08 suzuki s83: Just bought JW Speaker 8630 (HEADLIGHT) and doesn't fit... HELP!

    The Boulevard
    Hi everyone, I ride a s83 and needed/wanted a brighter LED headlight so i ended up buying a JW Speaker 8630 for an amazing price. So I took apart my headlight, ready to install and boom, it doesn't fit. I dont know if it's for all suzuki's but s83 have this very custom mounting ring that only...
  7. Ugh! I broke my horn button - is there an aftermarket replacement? 2005 - S40

    The Boulevard
    Oh wise ones - I managed to pop the horn button off the assembly with my impeccably manicured nails while cleaning my bike. The little widgets holding the button in broke off and I am looking at having the pleasure of buying a new Left hand switch assembly - horn, light, turn. . :stupid: So...
  8. New Rider, new bike, new problems

    Hello all, thanks in advance for any assistance. I recently purchased a used Boulevard c50 with just over 10k miles on it for what I thought was a pretty good price. It was running fine for about a week, but I had some issues starting it. The previous owner left fuel in there for a whole month...
  9. 2006 Boulevard starting issues

    The Boulevard
    I am a brand new motorcycle rider and just bought a 2006 Boulevard with 34k miles. It originally was running great but yesterday I was running it in my garage but it stalled out after I gave it a little gas ad would not start again. I thought it was a dead battery because it was making the...
  10. 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50 Oil leak!!!!!

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello guys, Im new to the community and I really need some assistance. Few days ago I started riding my bike more then usual as I'm in process of buying a new vehicle. I noticed my M50 leaving spots in its usual place of parking. Today I was going on a 100 mile ride warm and cold temperature...
  11. suzuki boulevard m50 horrible nosies??? help!!! please :)

    The Boulevard
    HI :) So i just brought a bike!!!! about a week or so ago, 2007 suzuki boulevard m50 and its been going great!!!! ive done a about 200k's on it so far. was driving home from work yesterday on the highway and it started making these horrible nosies, decided to pull off and on the exit ramp and...
  12. Boulevard M90 coolant leak

    The Boulevard
    Still fairly new to riding. Just got a 2009 M90 and it's AWESOME! Try riding any chance I get. Just took it for a spin on my lunch break, as I parked I revved the engine to hear that glorious sound....only to find a coolant leak when I stepped off....:madd: Any suggestions as to what this can...
  13. 05 Suzuki Boulevard s50 choking out/backfiring during ride

    New Member Pitstop
    I bought my suzuki boulevard used from a dealer 3 years ago with about 27k miles on it. it has run beautifully (apart from annoying electrical issues stemming from a low battery, which I've replaced twice already) until recently. Occasionally it won't start without me jerking the bike back and...
  14. Learning to work on my own 2005 C50 Bouldevard

    First, let me confess that I'm not exactly a world-class backyard mechanic even on cars. I do simple stuff on cars like changing the oil, replacing power steering lines, tune-ups, and stuff like that. I have NEVER tried working on my own 2005 C50 other than changing the oil and oil filter. The...
  15. New Rider & Member Here

    New Member Pitstop
    Hello to all, Excited to have joined this forum and like title reads new to motorcycles. I recently purchased a 2013 M50 Boulevard and looking forward to answers and guidance of questions I will have. :D
  16. M50 clicking noise

    So I have a 06 m50 boulevard. It has a clicking noise while free rolling. Running or off. Sounds like it's coming from the rear tire or right under the rider. I took it to a shop and they tore the ass end of it apart. Every bearing was good and regreased. Even the shaft. The noise was gone, for...
  17. Windshield for Boulevard S83

    The Boulevard
    I am trying to decided which windshield to get for my 2008 Suzuki boulevard S83. I'm open to suggestions. If you have a picture of your S83 with the windshield. Please post your pic with the brand and model.
  18. First bike 2007 M50

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Guess this isnt my first post but haven't made a newbie post yet so here goes. Bought a 2007 M50 with 4800 miles on it. The bike was pretty much all stock except for some crash bars I guess you'd call them that had highway pegs attached. A cheapo cruise control, a plain memphis shades windshield...
  19. Boulevard S40 grinding noise

    I just purchased a new 2014 Suzuki Boulevard S40. When I drove it out of the dealership there was a loud grinding or squeaking noise. I took it back immediately and they spent an hour fixing it. They told me that they adjusted the belt. I drove it out again and went home but the noise was...
  20. My new 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M70

    New Member Pitstop
    Hello from Calgary, Alberta. I just picked up my 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50 yesterday. i have to say I was initially very nervous as there was a horrible vibration on the drive home. After spending the night reading up on a whole host of possible issues, it turned out to be poorly inflated tires...