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  1. For Sale: New EBC Rotor and Pads (Possible: Quickset Paladin backrest w luggage rack)

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    The time has come to change bikes, my 2009 M50 has served me well and will be missed. I got a great offer to trade it in and therefore my extra/unused brakes can be sold separately. Rotor: EBC Brakes MD3096RS Brake Rotor Sintered pads: EBC Brakes FA231HH Disc Brake Pad SetI also have a pack...
  2. HELP! 2006 M50 Front Brake Has No Pressure

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Greetings everyone & thanx in advance for your help! I set out today to change the brake fluid on my bike. Everything was going well as my buddy and I bled and added new fluid (Bel Ray Super Dot4). When it ran clear after the third cycle, we lost all pressure in the line. We were careful to...
  3. Freshly Reconditioned Front Brakes - BLEEDING PROBLEM. Help required

    Mechanics Corner
    I apologise in advance for this long thread. I just wanted to lay out all the facts. I've struggled with this problem for quite some time and am really stuck so any good advice is welcome. Bike: 1986 Blue/White GSX-R1100G. Excellent original condition. 30,000km's. Equipment: OEM brake...
  4. Pulsating throughout my ride

    Mechanics Corner
    So I just purchased a 2004 GSXR 600 yesterday, and on the way home I noticed a pulsating or wobbling in my handlebars. It got worse when I would brake, but it was steady throughout the ride. I lifted my bike's front tire off the ground today, and realized it was really hard to spin. It would...
  5. Front Master Cylinder Rebuild

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    I need to rebuild my master cylinder. I bought the kit and am now at the point of planning the work. I can't find any specific details on how to do the rebuild kit on this forum or through other sites. Does anyone have specific steps for performing the rebuild (or can point me in the right...
  6. Suzuki GN125 Brake Caliper Advice

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey everyone, Advice needed on a Suzuki GN125 front brake caliper sticking. The caliper is a hydraulic fed single piston manufactured by Aisin on a Suzuki GN125 Y 2000 model. It’s okay after being taken out for a ride for more than a couple of minutes and returns to normal allowing the bike...
  7. Goodbye Suzuki M50. HELLO 2001 FLHRCI. I do have some questions about this bike tho

    Harley Davidson
    Well, I finally made the move to getting another Harley. My first bike was a 2006 HD Sportster 883XL converted to 1200 and had all the extra stuff that I could manage to put into the bike. After a long and drawn out divorce, I had to let the Sporty go back to the bank. A short time later I paid...
  8. rear brake issues

    New Member Pitstop
    new master cylinder,lines and caliper kit with new pads but missing pad spring clip, problem no air in line but rear travel not enough to engage disc(completely retracts):fight1:
  9. Indicators v Brake light?

    Mechanics Corner
    My bike has just failed its MOT because my indicators stop altogether when the front or back brake is applied at the same time. My horn and other lights work fine. I have cleaned the earth on all the indicators but still the same problem. I put a voltmeter on the indicator which showed the...
  10. C90 front wheel not centered

    The Boulevard
    I got my front wheel back from the shop, where they mounted a new tire for me. I noticed that the left wheel bearing had moved inward approx 1/8". I tried tapping w/ a hammer and socket from the right side. It wouldn't budge. I reinstalled the wheel and torqued it down. Now the left brake wear...
  11. suzuki rm 250; disc brake

    Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    Hi I Took The Caliper Off My Front Wheel On My Rm250 To Change The Tyre. But Now I Dont No How To Get It Back On Properly. I Took The Resivwar Lid Off And Pushed The Caliper Piston Back Then Put The Pads Back In And Pumped It But Then The Wheel Wouldnt Turnn, It Was Like Brakes Where Contantly...