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  1. 93 intruder rear blinker bulb, 90 degree post arrangement.

    Big Bike Barn
    Hey guys, I share a 93' intruder 800 with my father in law. For whatever reason when get first got the bike he claims he changed the rear blinker housings. They worked fine until one of the bulbs blew out. Thinking it was no big deal I went to replace the bulb at my local shop, when I realized...
  2. Tail light problem: filaments reversed, Honda Dominator

    New Member Pitstop
    Hi everyone , On my Honda Dominator '96 the large filament in tail light globe burns bright when headlight on and the small filament comes on when brake applied. So the tail light is very bright and you don't notice the brake light coming on at all. Do you think reversing the contacts in the...
  3. Light bar bulbs too bright

    The Boulevard
    I needed to replace one of my light bar light bulbs but was unable to find the OEM 25w H3 standard bulb. So, I used a 35w true white H3. These bulbs are too bright and they blind oncoming traffic. The lens also becomes extremely hot. Does anyone know where I can buy the 25w H3's ?? All I can...