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  1. The Boulevard
    Currently trying to find a good passenger luggage rack and back rest for a 2018 boulevard c50. Finding a lot of ones for earlier models, just want to get other peoples input and such on if they would fit the 2018 by chance or if modifications would need to be made. Any info would be greatly...
  2. Cruisers
    I rented out a Suzuki C50 through rideshare today and really liked the built-in gear indicator. Wanted to know from which year model did Suzuki start putting these gear indicators in C50? It will help narrow down my search for used bikes.
  3. Cruisers
    Hello all, thanks in advance for any assistance. I recently purchased a used Boulevard c50 with just over 10k miles on it for what I thought was a pretty good price. It was running fine for about a week, but I had some issues starting it. The previous owner left fuel in there for a whole month...
  4. The Boulevard
    I am a brand new motorcycle rider and just bought a 2006 Boulevard with 34k miles. It originally was running great but yesterday I was running it in my garage but it stalled out after I gave it a little gas ad would not start again. I thought it was a dead battery because it was making the...
  5. Suzuki
    First, let me confess that I'm not exactly a world-class backyard mechanic even on cars. I do simple stuff on cars like changing the oil, replacing power steering lines, tune-ups, and stuff like that. I have NEVER tried working on my own 2005 C50 other than changing the oil and oil filter. The...
  6. Volusia/C50 Getaway
    All I want is an M50 fender on my c50. If I can avoid drilling and fab, that would be ideal. I know it's been done, I just need a simple, bulleted list of parts that I need to order (where to order would be a nice bonus too). I know I need the fender (duh), new light, maybe a fender mount...
  7. The Boulevard
    I'm about to take my shotgun to my bike! JK. Maybe. I am SO frustrated. So I decided to put these super huge "Longhorn" handlebars on my bike, that I picked up at a local shop that mainly deals in Harley parts. the bars are 1" diameter and I have them mounted on 4" high Harley risers. (on my...
  8. Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Hey all! Brand new here, but I've been stalking for a bit. I've been drooling over the M50 since it was released in 2005, and I've wanted one ever since. I'm finally in the position to buy one, and of course, they remodeled the whole thing and I really don't like the new ones. In particular...
  9. The Boulevard
    Just askin if someone can explain wich screw is the mixture screw and best way to set it and same with the idle adjustment.Thanx. I'm totally bookless. No manuals to be had and pretty broke.Thank you.
  10. The Boulevard
    I’m putting some saddlebags on an ’06 C50. It currently has a sissy bar on it and I’m assuming the fender bolts that are there now came with the sissy bar so as to fit that frame and are longer than the originals. When I install the saddlebag mount I’m going to need new, longer bolts. Any...
  11. Volusia/C50 Getaway
    Exited! I've only had this bike for a few weeks. Haven't reached 500 miles yet and I just ordered a set of Road Burner exhaust. I heard one on YouTube, which was the only video I found! and it sounded pretty good! I'll be sharing pictures and videos of my experience on here. Can't wait!
  12. Mechanics Corner
    I have a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50 with about 11k miles on it. The issue started last year (probably not good that I am just now addressing it) and I haven't investigated too much but I wanted to get some ideas of where to start. I don't know how to describe the sound other that a...
  13. Volusia/C50 Getaway
    I'm getting new tires for my 2006 c50t and would like to save some money by removing the wheels myself. How difficult, really, is it to do? I've read online of 2 accounts that seem to differ regarding difficulty and I would like a little feedback on details or personal experiences if possible...
  14. Volusia/C50 Getaway
    Hello All, So... I picked up my first bike from a dealer on Saturday (took the MSF course 2 months ago)...rode it about 50 miles home and garaged it while getting insurance and plates. Noticed Monday night that the rear tire was dead flat. I pumped it up to the correct PSI and listened for...
  15. Cruisers
    I've been reading the forum and I know there are plenty of you out there that can help with these questions (and I'll take all the help I can get). I have an '07 C50 with 4,500 miles on it. No engine mods (yet). As most of you know, you come to know your bike and while a stranger might not...
  16. 2006 C50 Blue & Grey

    Took this pic, before I removed the C50 side-cover emblems and the Suzuki billboard on the back fender.
  17. My 2006 C50 Blue & Grey

    Photos of my bike in Colorado Springs.
  18. Commuter

  19. The Boulevard
    C50 or M50, i like the look of the M50, but i´m concerned about the size and comfort for the passengers, can you tell me what difference are between both drives? again sorry for my bad english i am in latinamerica
1-20 of 25 Results