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carb issues

  1. 1986 susuki sp250 carb carburetor issues

    Mechanics Corner
    So I bought this bike is a 1986 sp250 susuki carb was junk and needed a new one being so old I could not find one I bough a aftermarket carb that fit at first is was getting to much gas to start so I lowered the needle and grabbed a high flow filter now it runs fine at higher rpms but as soon as...
  2. '81 Suzuki GS 450L first motorcycle

    Hello Everyone. Last summer I bought a GS 450L. This is my first motorcycle, and so far I have been able to get it running. I do have a few questions however. My first question on the bike is pretty simple. Does anyone know the model number on the carbs? I know they are Mikuni Carbs, but I don't...
  3. '95 GS500 has mechanics stumped

    New Member Pitstop
    So, my Suzuki GS500E cut out as if it wasn't getting fuel all of a sudden when I was riding on the freeway, with only a little warning with the bike reducing power slightly then going back to normal at the start of the ride. It wont start at all now, I can't get any signs of fuel getting into...
  4. need some help with a 93 intruder 1400 this should be an easy one :)

    Ok I have a 1400 and its becoming a bobber/chopper. I did the obvious and chopped the frame and all that good stuff which reauired me to remove both air boxes and install the new k&n filters...... wow what a mistake that was cause now the bike will not start at all it just cranks and cranks. Its...
  5. 79 suzuki carb rebuild and adjustment

    I was given a 79 Suzuki GS750E. It ran but not very well. Took carbs off to clean, noted the needle screws under the carbs (3 of the 4) were broken off inside the carbs. They are now garbage. I purchased used 750E carbs on ebay from a bike was claimed to have that worked but was parted out. I...
  6. failing gs 500

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    got a gs 500 last spring. put 8k on it. rode great all year, till i dropped it rather hard. minor damage to cosmetics, and clutch lever and bike rode again. i've gotta lot of problems with the bike this year, out of storage the bike wouldnt run. had to tear the carbs down and clean them...