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  1. The Boulevard
    Bought a 2018 s40 Boulevard with 685 miles on it. Rode it home with choke all the way open (d'oh!) and left it that way overnight. Gas on the floor the next morning. Dealer picked it up, put in a new carb, and all was well... for a little while. Not long after, was taking a long time to...
  2. Honda
    Hello Everyone, I am a new rider and unfortunately the season has come to an end. This is my first time under going winter maintenance so I just thought I'd try to get some insight from all of you more experienced riders. Firstly, I was told at my local shop to drain my carb. I have been...
  3. Mechanics Corner
    I am looking for a maintenance manual for the carburetor on a 2010 KLX250S. I bought a digital manual for my motorcycle but the only fuel system info it has is Digital Fuel Injection. Does anyone know a good source for this bike?
  4. Cruisers
    Hey guys, New here and new to the Suzuki world in general. Bought the Suzuki GZ250 (2005) from a guy who owns a riding school. A few scratches here and there but I tested it twice and it ran fine both times. Let it sit in my garage for a couple days, wouldn't start last night. Sounded like...
  5. Suzuki
    Allright guys so I've been working on bringin this old gal back from the grave. She's a 1974 Suzuki GT185 Ram Air. I got her for 250 bucks and have put in about 200 more sofar, so im not really complaining about the situation. I'm a 20 year old and am totally new to motorcycles but i really...
  6. Mechanics Corner
    I replaced the mainjet and pilot jet in the carb. There is an adjustable needle next to the pilot jet but the service manual does not cover the adjustment, nor even discusses the needle assembly. Anyone know how to adjust this particular needle? I will try to post a pic with this post. In the...
  7. Classics
    Hi. My name is Ed, new to the site and looking for help. I just purchased a 1974 Yamaha DT175 enduro. It is not running and needs a little help. I was going to rebuild the carb but after looking through prices it may be a better option to go with an aftermarket one. The ones I found for the...
  8. Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    Well I just bought my first bike and it's likes to sputter in the upper gears. And in 5th gear it will hardly go 80 without the rpm hand jumping around. Any ideas what it could be? Thought I might have junk in the carb.? What's ur thoughts?
  9. Mechanics Corner
    Is there something wrong with my motorcycle? Or do people think there is something wrong with it? I have a Lifan LF200 (iii) motorcycle and the top speed is 75. I have a 35 tooth rear sprocket and 14 tooth front sprocket. I have the conical airfilter unlike the stock airbox. I also have a Sheng...
  10. Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    Ok, I bought this honda from a guy that lives 15 minutes from me in northern IL. He said the bike is from arizona and hasn't been started in 2 years. And at first he couldn't get the bike to run, so he cleaned the carb and got it running. I bought the bike and have been riding it for oh maybe a...
  11. Gear, Parts and Accessories Buy / Sell / Trade
    I'm looking to purchase a new carb for my 2006 Honda Scooter. It's an Elite 80. To be honest, I've been searching for this carb for a while. I haven't found ANYTHING that lists a carb specifically for that scooter. Is there a different sized carb that is used for this particular scooter?
  12. Mechanics Corner
    ok i got this bike. 92 katana gsx600f model j it came in pieces no big deal missing some things here and the still no problem i cleaned the carbs and noticed there are 4 fuel lines and i have a send and return for the gas tank only 2 lines. Now the lines that come from the carbs are as follows...
1-12 of 12 Results