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  1. Motorcycle Bogs but Idles high?

    Mechanics Corner
    I recently got my 1981 Suzuki GS450L running. It has CV carbs with aftermarket Air Pods (bike did not come with the factory air box). I put washers in the pods to restrict the airflow to try and recreate the airflow of the air box. The bike bogs when I set off, and it idles high when its stopped...
  2. Building an ultrasonic carb cleaner with the right material?!?!?!?

    Mechanics Corner
    I'd like to build a ultrasonic(ish) cleaner. Basically if you can tie a palm sander to your ceiling, and affix that sander (however you want) to a tank full of carb cleaner, you can use that as an ultrasonic cleaner. (see youtube video for reference) that youtube video shows a good one but...
  3. Help please. Honda cl 450

    71 cl 450. Just bought it having carb problems. You can start the bike right up and will idle fine. If you roll on to the throttle out give it a snap the rpms rise but do not fall back to idle with the throttle back at normal positioning. I have not touched the carbs on it because I do not know...
  4. Carbs Dumping fuel

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey guys, Firstly, if this is in the wrong area my apologies. Secondly..I just got my permit and a friend of mine was giving me a basic lesson on riding. He has an 81 Kawa LTD 440. Things were going pretty well until I laid the bike on its side at around 5-7 mph. Bike still runs but as of...