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  1. Need help with my DERBI SENDA 125 R 4T carburetor.

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi guys, I've got a 2006 Derbi Senda 125 r 4t and I also got a serious carburetor problem... I'm having a hard time finding spare parts from the country that I'm living in, so I need to find my parts from abroad. I've found some carburetors that might match my bike but I am not a great mechanic...
  2. '81 CB900c, lack of power, high rev bogging. Carbs been rebuilt, no air leaks.

    CBR Pit
    I work on a lot of different things for a lot of different people. This project is an 81 CB900C,. The carbs were taken out and cleaned, then a rebuild kit was bought (this is where I come in) I rebuilt the carbs. Upon reinstall, everything went smooth until the start up. Sputtering, backfiring...
  3. Carb issues

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello! I am new to the motorcycle community, and I have a question about my CV carburetors. When I start my bike (Suzuki GS450L) It will idle between 1500 and 2000 rpm but then will spike up and start "idling " at 3500-4000 rpm it does not not idle down. I replaced the factory air box with pod...
  4. Suzuki GS450L Carb

    Hello! I am new to motorcycles and I'm working on my first bike ever, a Suzuki GS450L. I have a few questions about the bike. My main question is what model carburetor comes on the bike. I have searched on google but there seems to be no sources of information on what the actual model is. All I...
  5. Scooter only runs well when carb air intake pipe is DISCONNECTED

    Mechanics Corner
    [Total mechanic newbie, Suzuki Symply2 150 scooter] Could anyone help me diagnosing this issue? Scooter starts and idles perfectly As soon as I open the throttle past 1/4 engine splutters and backfires If I disconnect the air intake on the carb totally (?!) then she runs like a dream I've...
  6. Ninja won't start after carb clean

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi all, I bought this old beat up 2002 Ninja 250 as my first bike about 2 years ago and it ran well for a summer. Last year it had some trouble with idling and this year after sitting all winter (about 4 months) I found that it wouldn't start. I took out and cleaned my carburetors, put the bike...
  7. KLX250S Carburetor

    Mechanics Corner
    I am looking for a maintenance manual for the carburetor on a 2010 KLX250S. I bought a digital manual for my motorcycle but the only fuel system info it has is Digital Fuel Injection. Does anyone know a good source for this bike?
  8. Issues with tuning carburetor

    V-Star ship the enterprise
    Hello, I have had my 06 V-star 1100 Silverado for about three years now. It has approx. 24K miles on it and of those I have put about 16K. The bike ran great for two years. Unfortunately, last season the Mid drive shaft snapped like a lot of other v-stars that I have read on this forum. I...
  9. Honda CB900C Automatic Fuel Valve

    Hey Everyone! I am new to the forum and I own a 1981 Honda CB900C. I have been rebuilding the carburetors, but after re-assembly the automatic fuel valve (P/N: 16970-461-751) leaks fuel from the sides of the housing and out of the air vent. There is a hole in the diaphragm and I need a new one...
  10. 2002 Suzuki VS800GL High Idle

    Rode to fuel up, no problems. After filling up, started up and RPM went off the charts. Linkage, throttle, choke all still move no issues - everything is connected and seems to be working. I don't have a lot of experience with carbs, so it will most likely go to a shop if that may be the...
  11. Calling all carburetor experts!!

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello! New to the forum and I'm having carburetor issues. Let me start from the beginning. I purchased my bike (1981 Suzuki gs1000g) off craigslist and the previous owner said he hadn't had it running for probably 6 months and that it hadn't ran well in 2 years. I'm very new to carburetors so I...
  12. Bike isn't running right, help please

    Mechanics Corner
    Just bought my first bike and i'm hoping it isn't a lemon. Picked up a 2007 Yamaha V Star 650 classic with 15k miles. The previous owner said he rode it at least 3 days a week. I street tested it but just for the feel, didn't go past 20mph. Anyway i bought it, and after riding it all day i...
  13. '87 Suzuki GS450L will not start

    Hello, I have a 1987 Suzuki GS450L that I can not get started. I have searched online quite a bit looking for answers but haven't found anything that helped yet. It seems to me the issue is that there is not enough suction in the carburetor to pull the fuel through. But first, let me give you a...
  14. S50 Amateur, Starting Problem

    Just joined the forum. Hoping to get some advice.Had my 2007 S50 for almost 4 years now, bought it brand new in 2009. Always had to choke my bike hard to get it warmed up. Had some electrical problems initially and replaced the battery (which required extending my leads, neither here nor there)...
  15. fuel mixture

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    hello, I have been riding my 1980 kz750 ltd since june2011. This is my first bike and I must say it is slightly souped up. I have a 4-1 exhaust, The dynojet stage 3 may be a little much for these kiehins, but the modified airbox with k&n stock replacement filter makes a really seem like it is...
  16. Carb Question!! Help plz!

    Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    I was wondering if i could switch out carbs from my 2010 yz250f to my 2012 yz250f aslong as i rejet it if it needs it? my 2012 has throttle position sensor issues, not a big deal but it is my race bike and i would like the most performance out of it. I cant find anywhere weather or not they will...