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  1. '81 CB900c, lack of power, high rev bogging. Carbs been rebuilt, no air leaks.

    CBR Pit
    I work on a lot of different things for a lot of different people. This project is an 81 CB900C,. The carbs were taken out and cleaned, then a rebuild kit was bought (this is where I come in) I rebuilt the carbs. Upon reinstall, everything went smooth until the start up. Sputtering, backfiring...
  2. 1980 cb900c won't start after sitting for 5 months

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey, I just can't get my bike to start. Previously (as in 5 months ago) it would not start easy unless it was warmed up. I drained the battery trying to start it (from being fully charged) with the choke on get her ingredients the throttle. It sounded like one in awhile it was going to...
  3. Honda CB900C Automatic Fuel Valve

    Hey Everyone! I am new to the forum and I own a 1981 Honda CB900C. I have been rebuilding the carburetors, but after re-assembly the automatic fuel valve (P/N: 16970-461-751) leaks fuel from the sides of the housing and out of the air vent. There is a hole in the diaphragm and I need a new one...