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  1. Events / Rides
    Feel the thrill of driving on winding roads as you tour over Haliburton Highlands picturesque rolling landscape during the 3rd Annual Road Sharks Charity Poker Ride. The ride will be escorted by the OPP Golden Helmets. The Golden Helmets will be performing on Highland Street at 11:45, and then...
  2. The Long Road - Adventure Touring
    Hello. I’m working on behalf of disability charity Scope to raise awareness of their Rajasthan Motorcycle Challenge. I thought members of this forum might be interested in taking part, so I hope this is OK to post here. Here’s the press release: Thanks in advance, Beth Granter On behalf of Scope
  3. Events / Rides
    Hey, have you heard about that awesome bike event going down on July 26th, 2008 called The Great Canadian Motorcycle Auction? No? Well, it's gonna be held at the 2008 Canadian Biker Buildoff, Canada’s #1 Custom Bike Building Challenge in support of The Huntington Society. Now, you may or may...
1-3 of 3 Results