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  1. Honda
    I have a 1973 CL 450, turning it into a Cafe Racer and would like to install a steering stabilizer. The easy part = installing the clamp to either side fork tube between the trees. The hard part = the other end of the stabilizer has to be attached to the frame. However, the single front down...
  2. Classics
    71 cl 450. Just bought it having carb problems. You can start the bike right up and will idle fine. If you roll on to the throttle out give it a snap the rpms rise but do not fall back to idle with the throttle back at normal positioning. I have not touched the carbs on it because I do not know...
  3. Mechanics Corner
    Hi Everyone, I'm a new member, and I have an issue with the seat lock on my 1972 Honda CL450. I know some of you have the same/similar bikes, so I was hoping one of you might know how to deal with this. Seat lock seemed to "pop" when I turned the key last, but seat did not disengage and now...
1-3 of 3 Results