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  1. GS500F clutch issues

    Mechanics Corner
    I bought my first bike a week ago (yay!). It's in pretty solid condition, but I do have some clutch-related issues with it. If the bike is in gear, and the clutch lever is all the way in, the bike still pulls forward slightly. This is regardless of if it was just started or if it has been ridden...
  2. 1985 GS550E - How is this part called? (a question to all, really)

    Hey guys, just registered. I was changing the clutch cable and the bottom part of it (the one not at the lever) is connecting to a small metal cage, that you have to unbend a little to get the cable head through. So it broke after a few weeks after I bended it because apparently it's 30 years...
  3. Clutch Adjuster Just Keeps Breaking! (2009 SV650s)

    Hi! For the 3rd time, this little part has broken on my bike. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything weird, just using the transmission to slow the bike on the grades in San Francisco. I think I've attached a pic successfully so you can see it. It's the thumb adjuster for the clutch cable. It...
  4. Can a Clutch cable be too cold to function?

    I recently bought an 83 gs300, everything seemed to be functioning perfect, but I just went for a ride and after about five miles the clutch handle didn't seem to want to retract back completely after I'd pull it. The temperature outside is about 380, Is it possible that the cable got too cold...