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  1. Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    Ok, I bought this honda from a guy that lives 15 minutes from me in northern IL. He said the bike is from arizona and hasn't been started in 2 years. And at first he couldn't get the bike to run, so he cleaned the carb and got it running. I bought the bike and have been riding it for oh maybe a...
  2. Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    here is another question for ya'll is the only way to fix my leaky fmf turbine core 2 exhaust pipe to clean it? please answer... Daviator101
  3. Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    i want to change from stock reed cage/ reeds to a aftermarket/ very powerful set... Im running a 2004 Cr125 if so could any1 tell me their favorite reed system (personally i prefer vforce or boyesen)... but anyways please email me at [email protected] (or post a reply/ or both) thanx a bunch...
1-3 of 3 Results