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  1. Cruisers
    I want to buy a used cruiser for less than 2000$ that i'll be able do a course with and take a trip down to Cali from Vancouver (where i'm situated) this summer. I've found a few on craigslist and it would be nice to get some input on which ones look I should check out. Here are a few that I've...
  2. North America 1 - Northwest
    I recently moved to the Seattle area from northern CA and I'm looking for a group of Buddhists who enjoy riding as much as I do. I can ride pretty much weekends and early weekdays, just send me a pm if you're interested. I ride a cruiser but I'd be willing to ride with anyone as long as...
  3. Cruisers
    hey everyone. i have a c109r that is decked out like a c109rt. after a few rides with my buddies (who have touring bikes) i realized how much i would like nice sounding system on my bike. i would like a nice chrome pair of speakers that dont look too bulky or intrusive. for the radio, a...
1-3 of 3 Results