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  1. Mechanics Corner
    Think I may have to replace the clutch my 1989 Honda CT110 stalls when I put it into gear I loosened the chain and when on the stand i lift the back wheel off the ground I can the put it into gear all the way to fourth but when the back tyre is on the ground and I put it into first it stalls...
  2. Honda
    Hi Everyone, I am a total newbie to pulling apart motors etc... but I am trying... I recently fitted a new carb to my postie bike... seems to be running fine... I used it for a while and it was great. now when I have the bike on the centre stand and start it and put it into gear it is fine.. If...
  3. Honda
    I'm a 15 year old in high school and going to be 16 in August. I want to get a motorcycle that is reliable, easy to maintain, and relativity cheap. I heard about the CT90 and CT110 from another site and was wondering which of the two is the better one. Also, what should stock parts should I replace?
1-3 of 3 Results