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  1. Cruisers
    Hi! I'm a 17 year old boy from Finland, and when I turn 18, I'm getting my A2 license. I'm looking for a cruiser that has max. 35Kw power. I have been riding a 125 Yamaha MT For over a year now, and I think I want to get a bike that has got more power, better sounds and that is more comfortable...
  2. V-Star ship the enterprise
    Does anyone know what could be up with clear smoke (or steam) coming out of the front of my V Star 650 at the end of the day (about 50 minute drive home). Doesn't happen on the 50 minute drive in the morning so I'm assuming heat has something to do with it. The weird thing is the bike runs...
  3. Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Guess this isnt my first post but haven't made a newbie post yet so here goes. Bought a 2007 M50 with 4800 miles on it. The bike was pretty much all stock except for some crash bars I guess you'd call them that had highway pegs attached. A cheapo cruise control, a plain memphis shades windshield...
  4. Cruisers
    is that really a good move? I always wanted a harley thats for sure. But I liked the 2009 vulcan 900 custom as my first bike. I do wanna go for a bigger bike displacement wise although the 48 isnt that big or a heafty bike. I am 6ft tall and a decent built. I am not big guy generally speaking...
  5. Suzuki
    Hi all! I ride a '83 Suzuki GN250 with original seats. I want to install a backrest for the passenger, what do I need to be looking for/can this be done with this model? Thanks for any suggestions!
  6. The Paddock
    I am a funeral director and Harley rider. This year I decided to blend the two together with a new idea. I call it EtURNal Ride. I created cremation memorial products for the motorcycle enthusiast. Essentially you can turn your bike into a "Rolling Memorial" READ OUR STORY HERE. Then check out...
  7. New Member Pitstop/Introductions
    Hello, I am new to the forum. I currently ride a 2005 yamaha warrior. I am looking to make it my own however am not mechanically inclined. I am also on a tight budget so I am am hoping to learn from other riders. Thanks
  8. Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    It's been a while since I've been on here. I hope everone is doing well. A few months ago I started a project for developing a custom intake for my Mean Streak. The focus, and most of the work, went into performance enhancing designs. After I finished nd posted dyno results a lot of Mean...
  9. New Member Pitstop/Introductions
    It is good to be one here. I just picked up my first bike, a Yamaha Vstar 1100 Custom and love it.
  10. Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Hey fellow M50 riders. Its been quite some time since I been on here. Im posting new pictures of my latest add to the bike. Let me know what you think. Im trying to get professional photos took to be put in a magazine. Well some of you here might recall my bike from what it used to look like...
  11. Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    I have a shop who is willing to make custom plate mounts for side mounted license plates if anyone is interested. I am trying to get them a series of M50 owners, only problem is that I do not have access to my M to get the rear tire shaft diameter to get to them. If anyone can help me with...
1-11 of 11 Results