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electrical problems

  1. Vstar 650 wont start

    I have an interesting problem. My vstar was sitting for a while. I got a brand new battery and put in new fuses. Now the bike will crank but won't start and the gauges and lights won't turn off unless I disconnect the battery or the main fuse. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it
  2. 2006 Boulevard starting issues

    The Boulevard
    I am a brand new motorcycle rider and just bought a 2006 Boulevard with 34k miles. It originally was running great but yesterday I was running it in my garage but it stalled out after I gave it a little gas ad would not start again. I thought it was a dead battery because it was making the...
  3. Need help with electrical please

    1999 vstar 1100 parked my bike in downtown next day i get to it all the ignition had a drill bit in it and wires cut and all four were twisted together now neutral light only comes on with kickstand up cranks but does not fire up has a new battery i fixed the ignition it works replaced diode...
  4. Intruder VS800 Loses all power at start - HELP!!!

    2003 Suzuki Intruder VS 800 Been having this problem, I hit the starter button hear a loud click and lose all electrical power to the bike, (no lights on dash, headlights, etc). I turn the key off and on and still get no power. First time this happened I took it to an autoparts store and the kid...
  5. 1988 Intruder Starting Problem

    Hey Everyone, I have a 1988 Suzuki Intruder (750) and I can't get the started to kick the engine over, it doesn't even move! This is a rebuild of a rebuild so I'm not sure how well all the electrical is connected but I had it running well for a few months. About a week ago I got stuck in a rain...
  6. Starting issues. Maybe fuel pump?

    CBR Pit
    Hello I have an 04 cbr 600 4fi. First of all I am assuming the noise made after you have the ignition on and then flip the kill switch is the fuel pump priming? Kind of a winding sound. I've had issues with the the bike since I bought it. The original owner cut out all the wiring for lights and...
  7. Electrical Problems with my recently purchased GS250T

    I am seeking help on this forum because I am new to motorcycle troubleshooting and repair. I have some experience tinkering but not an in-depth knowledge of motorcycles. Here's my problem: I purchased the bike a couple days ago and it started and ran just fine. I enjoyed riding my new...
  8. Ducati 2005 ST4 abs

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi guys. Thank you for using this forum. I have a Ducati ST4 ABS. I detached the cables from my 6 months old battery for charging. When i charged the battery.....the indicator showed 100% charged. Went to neighbour to re-check and results also 100% working and charged. When i attached the...
  9. SR125 Dead, Help!

    I was riding my bike in a relatively thuggish manner when out of nowhere it cut out, turned off and on key, it started for a couple of seconds and died. Tried push-starting it, it back-fired and still wouldn't start. Seems to be no sign of ignition...horn, lights, nothing when key is turned...
  10. 03 V Star 1100 headlight & running lights not working

    V-Star ship the enterprise
    I have an 03 star 1100 I did some mods to my turn signals. I have been able to get all my lights to work except my headlight and front running lights, however the turn signals all work. I have replaced a burned out headlight fuse and checked the bulb. Nothing is burned out or disconnected. Bike...