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  1. 1996 Suzuki Intruder 1400 has voltage but won't start

    The Paddock
    Hi yall. So here I am, hoping to get help on my 1996 Suzuki Intruder 1400 now at 100k mileage, probably 65,000 miles. Symptoms: -No juice whatsoever when turning ignition -After sitting for two weeks, lights came on fully when turning ignition, but only a quick and slight starter click, then...
  2. won't start. electrics out

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello, I have an 01 Honda shadow sabre. Went to start it and it turned over once clicked and all the electrics shut off. Turn the key over no lights nothing. Checked all fuses and theyre ok. Don't know where to go from here. Please help, thank you
  3. 1981 Suzuki GS450T While driving the main fuse blows!

    Mechanics Corner
    The Cycle starts, runs and after running for a while the main fuse blows. New battery. Once fuse blows have to wait a day then starts up fine and runs for a while until fuse blows again. Just before fuse goes the cycle seems to run faster. The wire to fuse heats up. But strange that will...
  4. minimum battery amp hours

    Mechanics Corner
    i have a 1982 yamaha xs650, heavily modded, kickstart only. it came with a tiny battery the size of a deck of cards. you turn the bike on to start it, and this battery has just enough juice power it up to start. in theory. in reality i think it's not quite enough. i've always had difficulty...
  5. Wiring Question

    Hello, all! I'm in the process of turning my gs650 into a cafe/brat and I recently deleted the fender and relocated my tail lights and got a new tail light. It's a 9 LED bar light that I'd like to use. Now, the issue I'm having is that there are 3 wires coming from the bike and 2 on the new...
  6. 1986 Suzuki Intrduer 700 Battery Troubles

    So I am actually extremely new in the motorcycle world and have no experience fixing engines or messing with electrical wiring inside of a bike. That being said, I bought a new set speakers for my bike that use a dc hookup straight from the amp to go on to the battery. Would it be better to just...
  7. Vintage Vespa missing signal to brake lights

    Mechanics Corner
    I'm just starting apprenticing at a shop and my first real problem here is some electrical in a "1963" (As I've been told) Vespa. The problem is that there is no voltage going to the brake lights we installed. so Firstly please look at the attached PDF. I got it from this website, and...
  8. 83 gs750es please help fuse popping

    hey guys im new to the forum, i have a 1983 suzuki gs750es that i bought a few days ago. it was running the first time i looked at it on sept 30 2013 than the guy removed the battery because he needed it and we delivered it to my house. i went and bought a new battery and connected it than tried...
  9. 1983 Suzuki GR-650 Tempter charging issue

    I just pulled my bike apart, at 14,000 miles (somehow) it desperately needed a base gasket and valve cover gasket, so then obviously, by default, a head gasket. it also needed a stator coil as the bike was not charging the battery while riding. (it was pissing oil beneath the jug, and out the...
  10. VS 800 Intruder Problem starting

    Hi all, I've got a 2002 Suzuki Intruder with an electrical problem I think. Most of the time it starts and runs just fine, but sometimes I have to move the key on and off a couple of times before it will start. Today it stopped on me at a light. Started right back up but shut down whnever I...
  11. 1986 Honda Magna VF700C Electrical Issues

    Mechanics Corner
    I have recently bought an '86 Magna 700 and am having what I am thinking might be a short somewhere. The headlight and horn do not work, unless the bike is in neutral and the clutch lever is pulled in. And then I only have a low beam on the headlight. I have checked the fuses and they are all...
  12. Suzuki Katana GSX 600f electrical please!

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    I just bought this bike and there are 4 wires that look to have been cut. 1 wire is a red with a black stripe, one is a yellow wire. These 2 are coming from a plug directly in front of the steering column. To the left are a solid blue and a solid white. In addition to this, the are 2 black wires...