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  1. Will a '04 Honda Rebel crankcase fit a '87 engine top?

    Mechanics Corner
    Just blew the transmission on my '87 Honda Rebel cmx250c. I've found a '04 engine bottom with a good transmission, will I be able to attach it to my '87 engine top and mount it on my frame?
  2. suzuki rf600r help

    Hey peeps I have a suzuki rf 600r but my gearbox was knackered so bought another engine for pennies and that one runs but has a bad knock but still has all power etc does anyone know what other engines would bolt into my rf 600 frame please or have a step by step how to change the gearbox...
  3. Please help diagnosing Starting issue

    Hey guys, New here and new to the Suzuki world in general. Bought the Suzuki GZ250 (2005) from a guy who owns a riding school. A few scratches here and there but I tested it twice and it ran fine both times. Let it sit in my garage for a couple days, wouldn't start last night. Sounded like...
  4. Bandit 600n knocking noise

    Bandit Lair
    Hello. I would like to know what could be the cause of a metal knocking sound from the upper left side of the engine that doesn't go away even when warmed up, the sound is very strong and can be noticed from a distance, unless I throttle it and the exhaust sound covers it a bit. This is a...
  5. 05 Suzuki Boulevard s50 choking out/backfiring during ride

    New Member Pitstop
    I bought my suzuki boulevard used from a dealer 3 years ago with about 27k miles on it. it has run beautifully (apart from annoying electrical issues stemming from a low battery, which I've replaced twice already) until recently. Occasionally it won't start without me jerking the bike back and...
  6. Misfire on 1 Cylinder - Need urgent help

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum as I'm seeking help from different sources to my ongoing issue. I own a Suzuki SV650s from 1999. I have 30k miles on the bike, located in Ireland. Earlier this year I had this issue where the bike would not go above 160KMh and would just bog when reaching...
  7. VZ1600 Marauder Engine Problem

    A friend of mine has a Suzuki VZ1600 which needed two timing chains. It was left with "Bike Mechanics" who fitted two timing chains and a tensioner. We went to lift the bike and when we started the bike it was off the timing, it sounded like a qaud. After a lot of arguing the mechanics would not...
  8. How do I remove an Engine?

    I am about to start a restoration on a Honda CB 350 and I was looking for some guidance on how to remove the engine from the frame. I found the video below and I was wondering if yall thought it would be a good place to start and any other advice. Thanks.
  9. Bandit Engine Swap

    Morning people, I have a Suzuki GSF600 1996 Bandit and the engine does not sound very healthy, got some serious tapping going on all over the place. basically im able to get hold of a 2005 Carb 600cc engine and im asking would this fit in my 96 Bandit? it looks very similar and its quite a...
  10. Suzuki EN 125 engine issues

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi all, first of all thanks a lot for reading. I just joined the forum to try and find some help on some issue: I've got this Suzuki EN 125-2 bike which I haven't used in a long time (2years). It has been kept in my back garden for all this time and I'm now getting it back on the road. I have...
  11. help possible water in engine need advice

    Mechanics Corner
    I was recently riding my bike in this wonderful British weather so naturally I was riding through a flood and my air filter had fallen off few miles back and couldn't get it back on I saw the water and slowed down but after I got out only 100 meters it slowed down misfired and died and now 1 1/2...
  12. need advise on engine, if older will fit 06 bike?

    Hi my engine has recently give up the ghost and seized up, I've stripped it down and seen its too much to buy parts and will need a new engine but can't find any engine of around same year and was wondering if a second hand engine from a older bike I.e 96-04 would fit my 06 gn? also the maunal...
  13. Problems with Suzuki GP100 and Push Rod

    Hi, I'm completely new to bike maintenance so please forgive my lack of knowledge. My Brother has recently given me his GP100, and since I've been having trouble starting it, me and my friend decided to take the engine off to check it over. We discovered that the push rod was bent, but neither...
  14. 2005 Suzuki C50 rattle/squeek/chirping

    Mechanics Corner
    I have a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50 with about 11k miles on it. The issue started last year (probably not good that I am just now addressing it) and I haven't investigated too much but I wanted to get some ideas of where to start. I don't know how to describe the sound other that a...
  15. Oil repair on ninja 250r

    Mechanics Corner
    I have a 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250r and recently I noticed that oil is seeping out of the right side engine cover. What could have caused this and how can I fix it? Please help.:madd:
  16. gsxr srad 750 '98' (w) engine replacement HELP!!!!!!!!!

    I have a 98 srad (w) model and need a new engine, ive been offered a.(x) model engine 99 i believewould this be compatible with the 98? Im mainly worried about ECU.ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!
  17. Shards of twisted metal in engine.

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi everyone. Recently my AJS 125 ECO (2008) started making a knocking/clunking noise that ran in time with the revs of the engine. This continued to get worse with no noticeable loss of power. Eventually i was going a long at 55 MPH and suddenly something broke or snapped in the engine and I...
  18. v* 650 overheating? smoking?

    Mechanics Corner
    '07 V* 650, about 6k mi, oil & filter chgs on schedule StaBil since '07 per dealer recomm., carb cleaner 3 x since '09 per dealer recomm. ('07 had fouled fuel line before 1st tank of gas through - dealer cleaned.) Ran crap-gas several times in '08 - '09. Stored 3 wks pet cock open, ?? StaBil...
  19. Engine noise 'revisited'

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    I have lived with this ticking noise for about two years now. A year and a half ago I let one of my local stealerships work on it assuming it was a valve issue. Valves within specs. they tell me and blame the noise on a possible loose heat shield. Long story short... Picked up my bike from...
  20. New C90T - Weird Engine Noise

    The Boulevard
    Hello all! I just bought a 2008 C90T, and only have about 150 miles on it. I have noticed there is a very strange noise coming from the engine at higher gears and speeds. The best way I can describe it would be a dolphin mating call, or kind of like an air compressor noise. It's a very high...