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  1. M50 rear fender on 2006 C50 help.

    Volusia/C50 Getaway
    All I want is an M50 fender on my c50. If I can avoid drilling and fab, that would be ideal. I know it's been done, I just need a simple, bulleted list of parts that I need to order (where to order would be a nice bonus too). I know I need the fender (duh), new light, maybe a fender mount...
  2. Replacement Front Fender

    The Boulevard
    Anyone have any experience with the fenders available here? Some jacka$$ hit my bike and I've got a nice dent on the front fender and will probably replace it since it's also out of alignment. The Biker's Choice Custom fenders look all right and are a sixth of the price of OEM. If I replace...