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  1. 07 shadow tire question.

    Hey guys, new here, couple questions. My dads bike is a 2007 shadow 750 and he was needing a front tire and he asked me if if was tubed or tubeless. Now before i go any further let me just say that my bike is a 2009 harley sportster and it has a steel, spoked front wheel and runs a tubeless tire...
  2. What's the best tire brand DUNLOP, AVON OR WHAT ?(cruiser bike)

    The Boulevard
    Hi there quick question regarding tires for a cruiser bike ( I ride a 2013 Suzuki Boulevard c90t)I came across to different opinions regarding tires some people say PILOT MICHELIN are the best ,others mention DUNLOP 404 and a lot mention AVON as the best of all ,I need some more opinions pls...
  3. Straightening Front Forks and Tire after accident

    Mechanics Corner
    I was in an accident recently and to ride straight I have to hold the handle bars at a bit of an angle to keep the wheel straight. I need to know how/if I can fix this and if I can't, who knows a good mechanic I can take him to? Help please.
  4. front tire blow out

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    So what is everyone's advise on how to handle front end blowouts at various speeds. I'm sure this would make good reading for new riders and its never happened to me so I'd like to know what everyone's 2 cents are