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  1. How to test a vz800 fuel pump.. Help!

    Hey guys, so I've got a non starting 2003 marauder vz800, and I suspect that it's a bad fuel pump. I've seen video's on YouTube on how to test them, but the issue is that all the video's test a pump that has two wires, whereas the marauder, has 4 (black/white, yellow/green, black/yellow and...
  2. Starting issues. Maybe fuel pump?

    CBR Pit
    Hello I have an 04 cbr 600 4fi. First of all I am assuming the noise made after you have the ignition on and then flip the kill switch is the fuel pump priming? Kind of a winding sound. I've had issues with the the bike since I bought it. The original owner cut out all the wiring for lights and...
  3. 1987 Intruder fuel pump

    I am the new owner of an '87 Suzuki Intruder VS700GLH. It ran great when I test drove it, and for the nest two hundred miles or so afterwards. My brother called me, and told me he heard a, "pop," like a backfire, then it died. I picked it up with my trailer and took a look at everything. First...
  4. 2007 VStar 1100 starting problem

    Mechanics Corner
    I have posted a video below of what is going on... any suggestions? I have been told the fuel pump, and starter cluth possibly. Also there is a ticking noise when the bike is running, everyone says valves BUT the bike only have 6000 miles on it. Could a bad fuel pump cause the ticking? Thanks!
  5. Questions about replacing a fuel pump, 05' C50

    The Boulevard
    Hello everybody, Tomorrow I'm going to attempt, with the help of the original owner, to replace the fuel pump on my 2005' suzuki boulevard C50. Should be interesting. Does anyone know of a good "how to" i can read over before i embark on this in the am? Or just some tips of things i should know...
  6. 1985 Honda Magna VF700

    Mechanics Corner
    Well, being not too mechanically inclined, I was proud that when my bike dies last week, I was able to narrow down the problem to either the fuel pump or elictrical for the pump. Apart from that, I don't know how to really test either of them. All I know is that when bypassing the pump with a...