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  1. How to test a vz800 fuel pump.. Help!

    Hey guys, so I've got a non starting 2003 marauder vz800, and I suspect that it's a bad fuel pump. I've seen video's on YouTube on how to test them, but the issue is that all the video's test a pump that has two wires, whereas the marauder, has 4 (black/white, yellow/green, black/yellow and...
  2. Fuel pumping out the rear carby

    Hi All, I have a old Intruder 750 86 I am fixing up. I have attempted and finally got the bike to start, but fuel is pumping out of a hose on the rear carb everytime I start the bike. I don't have a manual and am not sure the manual would cover this anyway. It is pumping out of a hose on the...
  3. 2001 suzuki intruder 1500 turns over but wont start

    My intruder turns over but won't start. If I rock it back and forth while in gear the it will sometimes start. Once it is started, then it runs with no problem and will start right back up. If it sits then I am back to the same issue. I was thinking compression relief or bad solenoid. I have...
  4. Fuel Gauge

    I recently purchased a 1986 Honda Shadow VT1100. It has an Engine Temp Gauge, and a Fuel Level Gauge on the gas tank. The fuel gauge lights up, however the needle does not move. Does anyone happen to know what could cause this? I'm slowly learning how to work on these, but do not have the...
  5. 1998 marauder vz800 fuel pump?

    hello there, I am new to this site and thought i would throw out an issue i am haveing with my recently purchased motorcycle in hopes that someone can help me. the bike is a 1998 marauder vz800 and it has a starting and running issue. I believe the issue is fuel delivery related as i removed...
  6. 1981 Suzuki GS550T Fuel Tank

    I just bought my first motorcycle. It's a 1981 Suzuki GS550T. You can treat me like I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I know the bike gets 40-50 mpg. I looked up specs which said the fuel tank is 4.36 gallons, but today I ran it out of gas at about 95 miles after filling up. I then...
  7. Carbs Dumping fuel

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey guys, Firstly, if this is in the wrong area my apologies. Secondly..I just got my permit and a friend of mine was giving me a basic lesson on riding. He has an 81 Kawa LTD 440. Things were going pretty well until I laid the bike on its side at around 5-7 mph. Bike still runs but as of...
  8. are fuel optimizers neccessary?

    I bought a 2005 C90 and would like to install either Cobra Dragsters or V&H Classic II's or maybe something alltogether different...either way, I've read where some guys have installed pipes and run their bikes all over Gods creation with no power commander or the like installed and report no...