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  1. Clutch not working after Clutch Cable install.

    Mechanics Corner
    I've seen tons of these posts but none of them have a definitive answer so I'm going to post my problem here. I recently purchased a used 2007 YZF600R and the clutch lever had become quite a pain to pull, bad enough that it would be almost impossible to let it go slowly it was that hard. So I...
  2. Riding boots... 1980 honda cb750c custom

    CBR Pit
    Hey guys! I'm new here and sort of new to riding. I currently have a honda metropolitan.. lame, I know :scooter: , but tomorrow I'm finally getting myself a big girl bike! I'm getting a 1980 honda cb750c custom.. the problem is though, I'm not a big girl.. I'm around 5'3 or 5'4 so I was...
  3. 1985 GS300L Starter idler

    Hi, new to the forum here, I have a 1985 Suzuki GS300l that needs a starter idler gear. the teeth are all stripped off the original in one section. The problem is I cannot find them anywhere and the ones I do find are over $100! I find this very odd when I can find similar starter idlers for...
  4. We can make you custom product and apparel

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    short video to come.
  5. Motorcycle Winter Jacket - Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0

    Gear, Parts and Accessories Buy / Sell / Trade
    I'm selling my Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Winter Jacket for 100$. Used one season only, in excellent condition. No tears or scratches or any disfunction of any kind. Jacket is perfect for winter. Water proof + removable liner. Comes with elbow, shoulder, and back pads for protection. Color is...