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  1. Getting There and Back: GPS & Electronics
    Hi All, I am trying to make a module that can make any helmets safer and smarter. It is still in design phase and I would love to know more about what you all think about the product and your feedback for the same. Features of the product include- Crash detection with intelligent SoS...
  2. The Paddock
    Hello Iwork in an IT company. In our company we develop tracking anddiagnostic devices. We are going to make a gps tracker formotorcycles. I want your advice to make it better if it isinteresting for you to participate in the process of creating a newdevice. Main features of the tracker: -...
  3. Tips & Training
    Has anyone tried the Garmin Zumo 390LM or the TomTom Rider? I'm specifically looking for features they both claim to have: being able to program a custom route on the computer and import the route to the GPS device Blue-Tooth compatible with voice directions. I see this as safer option. With...
  4. Tech n Cycle Gear
    Hi guys, I'm the founder of MotoMappers and the App MotoMap. The goals of my website and app is to help motorcyclists find scenic motorcycle roads, navigate them and track & record their riding adventures. Check it out at the motomappers website Cheers, Guido
  5. North America 6 - Northeast
    Dear Sirs,first of all, glad to meet you all. We are a Russian team developing a fantastic motorbike helmet with built-in navigation (you are welcome to learn more on Livemap). On the occasion of our trip to the USA our startup is going to hold an informal press-conference in New York on the...
  6. Getting There and Back: GPS & Electronics
    Hey ladies and gents, since this is a GPS forum, I just wanted to share a great tool that can be used with your GPS. I work for RoadRUNNER Magazine (all about motorcycle touring and travel) and we've been to an awful lot of places and been on a whole lot of tours, so we compiled a database with...
1-6 of 7 Results