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  1. '80 GS450L Clutch Question

    Mechanics Corner
    So I received this bike as a gift from a friend. Just got it running decently, finally idles without the choke. When I received it, It had a broken clutch cable. What might cause a clutch cable to break besides age and wear on the cable? I took the cable housing off and threaded a piece of cable...
  2. Suzuki GS450 L, year 1987

    Hello! I am new here and I have some questions. Last week I bought a Suzuki GS450 L, year 1987. Bike is great, but its 26 years old and it has some things to repair. I need a new throttle cable and I found some things on ebay, but now is the issue about model years. I need the throttle cable...
  3. Regulator Rectifier, No Spark?

    Will a shot regulator rectifier cause the spark plugs to get no spark?
  4. GS450 year? and wiring diagram. Please help me

    I have a Suzuki gs450 engine, i dont know the year or model but the number on the motor is GS450-130177. Can anyone tell me the details about that number? What it all comes down to is findind an accurate wiring diagram for it. Thanks to anyone that can help.