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  1. Suzuki GS500 U - what is model U?

    Hello, i need your help guys. I bought my first bike, Suzuki GS500 but I have a problem with model letter of this bike. On internet i found information only about GS500E and GS500F (i know differences between E and F). But in my registration certificate I have Suzuki GS500 U. But for first...
  2. '95 GS500 has mechanics stumped

    New Member Pitstop
    So, my Suzuki GS500E cut out as if it wasn't getting fuel all of a sudden when I was riding on the freeway, with only a little warning with the bike reducing power slightly then going back to normal at the start of the ride. It wont start at all now, I can't get any signs of fuel getting into...
  3. GS500F clutch issues

    Mechanics Corner
    I bought my first bike a week ago (yay!). It's in pretty solid condition, but I do have some clutch-related issues with it. If the bike is in gear, and the clutch lever is all the way in, the bike still pulls forward slightly. This is regardless of if it was just started or if it has been ridden...
  4. Negative battery cable problems

    My 2001 GS500 has been having battery problems where it gets no power at all. Previously I could loosen and retighting the screws that connect the cable and the battery and it would get power again. I tried doing this today and nothing happend. After fiddling around I have narrowed the problem...
  5. 2007 GS500 First summer after winter storage

    Hi new to the forum here. I bought a used 2007 gs500 last summer and road it till september when I had to put it away because I was leaving for school. I cleaned it, changed the oil, ran some fuel stabilizer through it, disconnected the battery, and put it away on its center stand till last...
  6. Hi, my first post: GS500 running crappy

    New Member Pitstop
    Hey, I just bought a 2001 suzuki gs500 off a chick and during the 2 hour ride home one of the cylinders %%%% out on me. The first hour went fine, then I lost half the power. I was running on one cylinder for most of the time, but the bike occasionally fires up the second. It would go in...
  7. 2009 GS500f low idle/stalling/wont start

    Mechanics Corner
    This is my first post. I bought my first motorcycle about 2-3 weeks ago. A 2009 GS500 with 3600 miles on it. The bike was about 160 miles away. Rather than put it on a trailer I decided to ride it home. It rode great. No problems no complaints. I then went away for a few days and let it sit...
  8. Stalling when stopping GS500F

    Mechanics Corner
    This problem is really frustrating, when i downshift to stop coming to an intersection the bike dies every signal time. Sometimes even while I'm coasting i'd hold down the clutch and the engine would die. what i've done, emptied the tank of the old fuel it stood with and burned off the rest...