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  1. Need help with a 1999 Suzuki gz250

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    My 1999 Suzuki gz250 is repeatedly losing power and bottoming out. Happens if I let it idle too long, and when in gear. It seems the only way to keep it from doing this is to constantly be on the gas. Maintenance I've already done: Carburetor taken apart and blown out with compressed air (hit...
  2. For Sale: 2007 Suzuki GZ250

    Bikes For Sale Street or Other
    Selling my 2007 Suzuki GZ250. Great starter bike. Learned to ride on it and rode it for the past few years. Fun to ride and great on gas. ~5800 miles. Asking $1200 OBO. Located in Charleston, WV. The Good: Starts right up and runs great. Fresh oil change Good tires. Don't remember...
  3. Want to make Suzuki gz250 louder

    Mechanics Corner
    I am a fairly new rider and have a gz250. I love this little bike except for the sound. It is too quiet for my liking, i want it to be louder but not obnoxiously loud. I would also like to not have to mess with the carburator much. Any help is appreciated. Also another question is what would...
  4. gz250 wont start

    Mechanics Corner
    i got a 99 gz 250 ive been fooling with as my first "rebuild" and i have some issues. first off, i have to jump the starter off the battery to get it cranked. when i hit the start button, not a sound. secong, shes been sitting for 6 years. ive changed all the fluids and the only thing i havent...