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  1. Motorcycles Videos
    Pedestrian struck in the helmet motorcycle"
  2. North America 6 - Northeast
    Dear Sirs,first of all, glad to meet you all. We are a Russian team developing a fantastic motorbike helmet with built-in navigation (you are welcome to learn more on Livemap). On the occasion of our trip to the USA our startup is going to hold an informal press-conference in New York on the...
  3. Motorcycle-Journal Haberdashery: Gear and Helmets
    I have pretty cheap 3/4 helmet. Not so heavy, nice looking and with tinted visor. Everything looks good except one small tiny problem. This small problem is NOISE. My ****g helmet is EXTREMELY noisy. Even at speed 60+ km/h whistling sound make me crazy. So I definitely need replacement. I did...
  4. Motorcycle-Journal Haberdashery: Gear and Helmets
    I've been lamenting the sore lack of comprehensive helmet reviews lately. My Arai Signet GTR has been great, but it's 7 years old. I take very good care of it and have confidence in its protective ability, but I'm going to need to replace it soon. It's very hard to find good reviews in a...
  5. Motorcycle-Journal Haberdashery: Gear and Helmets
    Anyone have one of these? I'm looking to get a helmet soon, but have given up on thinking I can buy a high-priced Shoei RF-1000 (which is what I totally want). I have a small head so I'll have to get an XS on this helmet (the Shoei's fit better :sad: ). Do the vents work right? Is it too loud...
  6. Motorcycle-Journal Haberdashery: Gear and Helmets
    Hi all, I recently tried the Suomy Vandal and thought I'd share my thoughts with you. I had never really heard too much about Suomy - probably because they are from Italy and do not concentrate too much on the North American market. The first thing I noticed was the front vents - instead of...
  7. Helmet-after crash

    The helmet I was wearing when I crashed at 50mph. I hit the pavement face first, and suffered zero damage to my head/face due to this helmet. Anything less than full face, and my face would be gone from my chin to my forehead. Yeah. I believe in AND wear helmets!
1-7 of 9 Results