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  1. Mechanics Corner
    Just purchased a Suzuki 04 Intruder Lv 1500. My heart wanted a FatBoy but my wallet insisted on a Suzuki . I love it but two weeks in my hydraulic clutch just stopped working . I could pull the lever completely open and closed with no resistance and no response . The dealership took it back and...
  2. Big Bike Barn
    Somehow when I hit a speed bump all 4 of the bolts (that holt the tail light rear turn signals and license plate section of the bike to the rear fender) were tragically lost, this part (186 on fender schematic) is discontinued. Can anyone give me the dimensions or were to get an aftermarket...
  3. Yamaha
    Sorry if this is not the right spot to post this im new to the whole forums thing and couldn’t think of where else to post this. I’ve been looking for this bike for some time now but I can’t seem to find it or anything similar. I fell in love with the taillights and I’ve wanted the bike since. I...
1-3 of 3 Results