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  1. What colors do you like?

    Eye Candy
    So I'm looking for a little assistance or guidance (I'm new). I'm going to get my 86' Intruder 700 painted and am wondering on what colors you people think look good. Yes, I know many will bring up its what looks good to you, everyone is different, yadda yadda yadda:roll:. But even so share your...
  2. Help on a '86 Suzuki Intruder 700 Clutch Change

    Hello everyone, new guy here. I come to you today with questions (fun stuff right?). Any who, I have an '86 Suzuki intruder 700 (my second bike, but my first one only lasted a season) that has had the clutch slipping. At one point I let the clutch lever out fully while in gear and put on...
  3. 83 Suzuki gs450ga (suzukimatic) overheating problem and starting from idle problem

    Hello all! If anyone has some suggestions that would be awesome. Bought the bike as a commuter bike, I'm fairly new to cycling and wasn't looking for a project bike. Turns out I got a small project on my hands. :/ It runs awesome for the most part, except it seems to overheat when I take it...
  4. Suzuki GS500 1989 Seat Lock broke/damaged please help!

    Hello all, I have a Suzuki GS500 1989. I went to charge up the battery after the winter season and could not get the seat off. I actually broke my key in the process. After getting a new set of keys made I am still unable to remove the seat and access my battery. The seat lock can...
  5. suzuki gsx engine swap

    can you possibly fit a 125cc engine into a suzuki gsx 550 frame? as i have seen an awesome cafe racer but wont be able to drive a 550cc as i don't have the licence ?
  6. whats your favorite bike to ride and what do you think i would like???

    alright so here is the deal guys. I am going to assume most of the guys on here are older 30+ and have been riding for a awhile now. I wanted the ninja 650 or something along that type of sportbike but im too big for that type of bike and i dont want to get on a 1000cc bike so that i can stretch...
  7. blinker question on 93 intruder 1400

    So the previous owner did a nice hack job on this bike and I'm restoring it into a bobber/chopper. They had ape hangers on the bike and I noticed the blinkers didn't work and was missing a low beam for the headlight but have high beam and the horn didn't work so I opened up the switch and it...
  8. help possible water in engine need advice

    Mechanics Corner
    I was recently riding my bike in this wonderful British weather so naturally I was riding through a flood and my air filter had fallen off few miles back and couldn't get it back on I saw the water and slowed down but after I got out only 100 meters it slowed down misfired and died and now 1 1/2...
  9. needs some help new to shaft driven bikes

    New Member Pitstop
    I have a 1993 intruder 1400 4 speed shaft drive. The frame was junk but motor and everything else is in great condition and definitely reusable. So I was thinking about just buying another frame and using all the parts. Problem is I can't use a salvaged frame due to state laws in Vermont cause...
  10. No electric when i turn the ignition!!

    Mechanics Corner
    I have a new Sym XS125-K done less than 1000 miles. I was out earlier today. The bike was running perfect. I pulled up at a friends house. Turned the ignition off. About 15 minutes later i turned the ignition back on. But there was no power what so ever... No headlights. No brake lights. No...