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  1. **STOLEN RED 2015 HONDA GROM** (Brockton, MA)

    Hello, My motorcycle was stolen recently. If anyone can help keep an eye out for it it would be great. If you see this motorcycle around, anyone with this motorcycle or anyone selling parts for 2015 Honda Grom, please call Brockton Police (508) 941-0200 Motorcycle was stolen after a neighbor...
  2. 85 Honda Magna

    I’ve just acquired a Honda Magna VF750C, I want to purchase a rebuild kit for the carbs, but not sure which model the carbs are. They are Keihin carbs. I’m unsure of the exact year of the bike, it says 1985 on the head tube badge, but has the 750 engine, looking through the history Honda...
  3. New Member Here

    New Member Pitstop
    Hey guys! I'm Mack from Blythewood, South Carolina. Decided to join here for the sake of having conversations with people who really are knowledgeable about motorcycles. After 55 years of existence here on Earth I've decided to buy my own bike. I've been a big fan of Honda since my dad owned a...
  4. Clutch issue CB125

    Mechanics Corner
    So was cleaning up my oil filter & strainer for the first time today, replaced the gasket, crankcase cover and oil, and at the end of it all found that there was no tension in the clutch! After trying to change the freeplay on both the lower and upper adjustment points, I realised I may have...
  5. Rhory's Honda VFR Collection

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    There are few motorcycles that can embody the character of the Honda 400s from the 90s. They were the perfect machines, for beginners as well as for experienced riders who wanted adequate, yet usable power. They came at a time when Honda’s drive to make well-engineered motorcycles was at its...
  6. 1974 Honda XL250 not starting....

    Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    Hi all, new to the forum and hoping to find some support/expertise. I have a '74 Honda XL250 4-stroke that was running great about 3 years ago. I lost the ignition keys (don't ask) and haven't started it in about that time. I cleaned the carb, dumped the tank and put in new petrol, changed the...
  7. Honda CB400T Winter Storage - HELP

    Hello Everyone, I am a new rider and unfortunately the season has come to an end. This is my first time under going winter maintenance so I just thought I'd try to get some insight from all of you more experienced riders. Firstly, I was told at my local shop to drain my carb. I have been...
  8. The riding season is slowly ending - Autumn colours, rain and the first snow

    Motorcycles Videos
    This might very well be the last long ride of the 2016 season for me. Only city riding for the rest of it. Even though, riding on wet is not the greatest experience and near the top of the mountains I though I would lose my fingers to frostbite, the colours and the landscapes made it all worth...
  9. Riding boots... 1980 honda cb750c custom

    CBR Pit
    Hey guys! I'm new here and sort of new to riding. I currently have a honda metropolitan.. lame, I know :scooter: , but tomorrow I'm finally getting myself a big girl bike! I'm getting a 1980 honda cb750c custom.. the problem is though, I'm not a big girl.. I'm around 5'3 or 5'4 so I was...
  10. Will a '04 Honda Rebel crankcase fit a '87 engine top?

    Mechanics Corner
    Just blew the transmission on my '87 Honda Rebel cmx250c. I've found a '04 engine bottom with a good transmission, will I be able to attach it to my '87 engine top and mount it on my frame?
  11. Question about a wider tire 86 VT Shadow 700

    Only the Shadows Know....
    I'm looking for a little bit wider of a rear tire on my bike. The one I have now only has a couple inches of grip actually hitting the pavement. It's my first bike, so I'm fairly new to all of this. But I carry my girlfriend on the back pretty often, since its my main mode of transportation...
  12. won't start. electrics out

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello, I have an 01 Honda shadow sabre. Went to start it and it turned over once clicked and all the electrics shut off. Turn the key over no lights nothing. Checked all fuses and theyre ok. Don't know where to go from here. Please help, thank you
  13. Can anyone identify this Motor?

    I just bought this Buggy and I'm trying to figure out what kind of motor it is. It's a Honda and I'm pretty sure its a 750 cc.
  14. 07 shadow tire question.

    Hey guys, new here, couple questions. My dads bike is a 2007 shadow 750 and he was needing a front tire and he asked me if if was tubed or tubeless. Now before i go any further let me just say that my bike is a 2009 harley sportster and it has a steel, spoked front wheel and runs a tubeless tire...
  15. Honda Shadow VT750C2 idling issues PLEASE HELP

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey guys, I am new here and just bought a 2009 Honda Shadow VT750C2 the other day, and cannot seem to get it to idle off of the choke. The bike also hesitates/bogs/sputters when I lightly give it throttle, or am riding at low RPM's. The owner that I bought it from bought it brand new in 2009...
  16. What bike is this Honda?

    Can anyone identify this Honda motorcycle I am interested in buying? I think it's an SL100 or SL125, but I'm not sure. It's a 1972, though.
  17. Honda CB900C Automatic Fuel Valve

    Hey Everyone! I am new to the forum and I own a 1981 Honda CB900C. I have been rebuilding the carburetors, but after re-assembly the automatic fuel valve (P/N: 16970-461-751) leaks fuel from the sides of the housing and out of the air vent. There is a hole in the diaphragm and I need a new one...
  18. 1977 honda xl350 revs to 4,000rpm and then backfires and bogs

    Mechanics Corner
    I just got this bike working and i have cleaned the carb replaced the oil spark plug and gas i don't think it's the carb because it won't rev above 4,000 even with starting fluid and when i say it doesn't go any higher than 4,000 i mean its like it hits a brick wall it starts to backfire alot...
  19. Super Magna Riding Motovlogger

    New Member Pitstop
    Hey guys, I have been creeping around this site for awhile and finally decided to make an account. I recently acquired a 1987 Honda Super Magna dubbed "Sensei". Traded my 96 Suzuki Intruder VS800 for it last weekend and I love it! I have been dabbling in motovlogging and have a few videos up...
  20. For Sale - 2010 Honda Shadow Phantom

    VIN: JH2RC5370AK000209 Like New w/ the following exceptions: there are scratch marks behind the right side-view mirror and at the end of the right-side handlebar No smoking occurred while riding this motorcycle. Features: 549 pounds; 745cc liquid-cooled 52 V-twin; Wide-ratio live-speed; 3.9...