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  1. Suzuki
    I bought an Intruder. Didn't know what I was doing. I don't have a license yet and needed something to practice on so I bought my friend's bike not realizing what was wrong with it. The horn doesn't work. How do I fix it? The turn signals are gone - which led turn signals would you suggest I...
  2. Front View: Wolo Bad Boy Horn

    It is absolutely worth upgrading to this horn... WOLO is the same as the Strebel Nautilus, both made in Italy.
  3. Side View: Installed the WOLO Bad Boy Chrome Horn w/ fabricated bracket

    Following the leads of XoZe & raycogxx, (thanks fellas!) I mounted my Bad Boy under the PAIR valve on the drivers side.
  4. The Boulevard
    Has anyone replaced the Horn on their 109? I don't like the sound of the stock horn at all. If you have replaced it; how much work is involved and which horn did you choose?
1-4 of 4 Results