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  1. Carb issues

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello! I am new to the motorcycle community, and I have a question about my CV carburetors. When I start my bike (Suzuki GS450L) It will idle between 1500 and 2000 rpm but then will spike up and start "idling " at 3500-4000 rpm it does not not idle down. I replaced the factory air box with pod...
  2. Need help with a 1999 Suzuki gz250

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    My 1999 Suzuki gz250 is repeatedly losing power and bottoming out. Happens if I let it idle too long, and when in gear. It seems the only way to keep it from doing this is to constantly be on the gas. Maintenance I've already done: Carburetor taken apart and blown out with compressed air (hit...
  3. Suzuki GT185 idling problems ect.

    Allright guys so I've been working on bringin this old gal back from the grave. She's a 1974 Suzuki GT185 Ram Air. I got her for 250 bucks and have put in about 200 more sofar, so im not really complaining about the situation. I'm a 20 year old and am totally new to motorcycles but i really...
  4. Want to make Suzuki gz250 louder

    Mechanics Corner
    I am a fairly new rider and have a gz250. I love this little bike except for the sound. It is too quiet for my liking, i want it to be louder but not obnoxiously loud. I would also like to not have to mess with the carburator much. Any help is appreciated. Also another question is what would...
  5. Vacuum lines on 1980 GS550L

    I just purchased a 1980 GS550L with 22k on it. It runs choppy and guzzles gas right now. I noticed what appear to be two black vacuum lines coming into the air box from somewhere around the carbs. They are just laying inside the air box. Anyone have any ideas where these should go or what they...
  6. 2006 GSXR 600 Stalling

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi guys, I rode my 2006 GSXR 600 300 miles through non stop heavy rain the other night. Now the bike will not idle without stalling. I've never had a problem with the idle level and it usually sits around 1300. As of right now it is idling around 900, but I did not adjust the idle level...
  7. kawasaki eliminator won't idle after running out of gas

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello fellow bikers. This is my first post as I need help with an issue I am having. I have a 1985 Kawasaki Eliminator 900 and I ran it out of gas. After running out of gas I filled up the tank and the bike will run but it will not idle. I have taken off the carbs and cleaned them, blew out all...
  8. Idle Problems- 1983 Honda Interceptor V45

    Mechanics Corner
    Okay so I can get my 1983 Honda Interceptor V45 to run without a problem, but the Idle just seems to drop off and the engine quits. Any advice on how to get my bike to idle?
  9. No Revving!

    The Paddock
    Hi all, I just got my motorcycle out of the garage, fueled it up, and tried to get it running. The problem is, it wont run! I can start it, and it will idle, around 1k, but the moment I hit the gas it dies. A couple times I got it revving by holding the gas while I started it, but the moment I...
  10. 2009 GS500f low idle/stalling/wont start

    Mechanics Corner
    This is my first post. I bought my first motorcycle about 2-3 weeks ago. A 2009 GS500 with 3600 miles on it. The bike was about 160 miles away. Rather than put it on a trailer I decided to ride it home. It rode great. No problems no complaints. I then went away for a few days and let it sit...