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  1. Suzuki M90 vz1500 issues/stalling

    The Boulevard
    Hey folks new to this site. The internet is not kind to me when I try to research the Suzuki M90 and issues that have come across or the various non-existent aftermarket parts so I just wanted to touch base. First ill cut to the chase- it was the kick stand sensor. The stand mount is ground...
  2. Need help with a 1999 Suzuki gz250

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    My 1999 Suzuki gz250 is repeatedly losing power and bottoming out. Happens if I let it idle too long, and when in gear. It seems the only way to keep it from doing this is to constantly be on the gas. Maintenance I've already done: Carburetor taken apart and blown out with compressed air (hit...
  3. Looking at Buying a 2005 Goldwing, with only 6000 mile, but stored for 8 years

    The bike has been in storage for 8 years. guy had a Stroke and hasn't been able to ride. said it was started and new gas added. guy is looking to sell it for around NADA price. my problem is not knowing how many problems i will be looking at. other then the basic. the bike if fuel injected...
  4. 85 honda magna clutch issues??

    Mechanics Corner
    I have a 1985 honda magna 700 with clutch issues. I can turn on my bike in neutral no problem, but when i hold the clutch and put it into gear but it acts like i dont hold down the clutch, and i put on the rear brake and it dies. I've bleed the fluid, replaced the clutch switch, has a new...