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  1. Suzuki
    I bought an Intruder. Didn't know what I was doing. I don't have a license yet and needed something to practice on so I bought my friend's bike not realizing what was wrong with it. The horn doesn't work. How do I fix it? The turn signals are gone - which led turn signals would you suggest I...
  2. Suzuki
    2003 VL800 Volusia light question1) I want to replace all lights with LED's( except headlight ) and including instrument display, any issue or info? 2) What does flashing bar at upper left corner of display mean ? Kickstand??? 3) I'm thinking of light bars to illuminate me more at night! Any...
  3. Suzuki
    What does flashing bar at upper left corner of display mean ? Kickstand???
  4. Suzuki
    Hello, all! I'm in the process of turning my gs650 into a cafe/brat and I recently deleted the fender and relocated my tail lights and got a new tail light. It's a 9 LED bar light that I'd like to use. Now, the issue I'm having is that there are 3 wires coming from the bike and 2 on the new...
  5. New Member Pitstop/Introductions
    Hello all and thanks in advance, I have a 2005 Suzuki Blvd C90 and I am looking for new front and rear signal lights but cannot find the ones I need :madd:. The ones I currently have on are mounted by a screw, not a nut. Does anyone know where I can find some. Please let me know. Thanks.
  6. Yamaha
    can anybody point me to a link that will show me how to replace the rear turn signal assembly? never did it before. thanx in advance ajax01
1-6 of 6 Results