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m50 black

  1. 2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50-Black: Oil Filter Questions

    Today I attempted to change the oil for the first time, by myself. I Googled "how to" videos and written information on the subject. Moved forward feeling good about the project at hand. I stopped and picked up the oil, a filter wrench, oil filter and some new sunglasses that I was due for...
  2. M50 Black

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Okay, i've looked and believe I am about to ask a stupid question (be gentle). What is the difference between a 2005 Suzuki M50 and a 2005 Suzuki M50 Black? Everytime i look for accessories I come across this "black" version. All the part numbers seem the same to me. Maybe mine is a M50 Black...