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  1. Haven't started in 2 years gas and battery still in

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi, Looking for some advice on where to start. I hadn't had my 1996 Honda Shadow VLX 600 very long before I had to put it away. I haven't started it in 2 years. The gas is in the tank, oil is as well, battery is still on it and connected. It sat under a thin cover outside during a winter in...
  2. learning maintenance - best bike to get?

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi I currently ride a vstar 1100 but I've always wanted to learn to do maintenance but was afraid of messing with my riding bike so I've decided to shop and buy a used bike that I can learn and practice maintenance on. Any recommendations on the best bike to learn maintenance on? I will be...
  3. Motorcycle hobby shop interest?

    Mechanics Corner
    Interested or not? Either way is ok, but please provide some feedback. Thank you in advance. I am talking about a hobby shop for motorcycles and ATVs. The business would have stalls for rent. A certified technician would be on hand to answer any questions, and would also be able to work with...
  4. 06 Boulevard s83 opinions,reviews, mechanical issues?

    The Boulevard
    I am new to this site.. Just bought my boulevard s83 with only 5,000 miles.Would like to know what other people think of this bike..Haven't had any problems with it yet..just doing simple maintenence stuff. I'm fairly new to motorcycles , but have been riding over a year and love it!planning on...
  5. 83 Suzuki gs450ga (suzukimatic) overheating problem and starting from idle problem

    Hello all! If anyone has some suggestions that would be awesome. Bought the bike as a commuter bike, I'm fairly new to cycling and wasn't looking for a project bike. Turns out I got a small project on my hands. :/ It runs awesome for the most part, except it seems to overheat when I take it...
  6. help possible water in engine need advice

    Mechanics Corner
    I was recently riding my bike in this wonderful British weather so naturally I was riding through a flood and my air filter had fallen off few miles back and couldn't get it back on I saw the water and slowed down but after I got out only 100 meters it slowed down misfired and died and now 1 1/2...
  7. New Guy (old guy)

    New Member Pitstop
    My name is KEVIN, I have not been on a bike since I was 15 (45 now), just bought a 2000 Suzuki Intruder 800 I know nothing any and all information greatly appreciated.Like anything on maintenance mainly the shaft drive. Thanks to all.
  8. Battery Help... ASAP

    Hello, So i'm at school, and i left the key in my bike and my battery died. Someone had one of those emergency jump starters and i got it to work. This is my first bike, so i feel kind of stupid, but we all make mistakes right? I was wondering is there any thing you can buy that you can keep...
  9. Help needed with a CBX250RS-e

    Hello, I recently purchased the above, and it seems to have a shredded idle gear... does anyone know where i can get one? im at a loss.... i heard rumours it shares the same part with the Honda this true? its an electric start model.... 1986 ..... any help appreciated, thanks -Matt
  10. New Rider with a few questions

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Hey there, Just purchased a 08 M50 and have been riding just over two weeks. Was wondering a few things... a) what maintenance should I be looking out for to perform regularly? b) how often should I be checking/replacing the oil. The bike is pretty much stock and while it runs fine I was...
  11. Suzuki GZ250 backfires at shutdown

    Hi. I'm new to this forum and motorcycles in general. I've had my 2006 gz250 for about a month and got it when it only had 161 miles on it. Anyway, I took it out today and it backfired whenever I shut it down. This hasn't happened before and I was wondering what could be happening. Any ideas?
  12. is 15K a lot for a C50? what service may be needed?

    The Boulevard
    Hello C50 owners! I just registered here. I'm considering buying a C50, it's a 2005 bike, seems to have been maintained regularly (every 3500 miles). It has 15000 miles and I'm wondering if a) it's much (probably not, if maintained well?), b) what service I'd need to do and how much that'd be...