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  1. Fitting a 200 rear tyre to an M800 (M50)

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    I HAVE looked a number of posts on this subject and posted replies asking for advice but have not been lucky enough to get a reply. Being a bit of a newbie to the custom world I need a few things spelt out in laymen's terms. BACKGROUND - I want to fit a 200 rear tyre to my M800. I know it...
  2. New rubbers

    Well, I just upgraded to a '98 Intruder, what a beauty! I feel the urge to say a prayer of repentance, however, because I practically stole the bike. (When you combine the off-season, bad economy, and a poor chap going through a divorce trying to sell off all his toys before the ex...
  3. Fitted New Tires on the R1200GS last evening

    Fitted New Tires on the R1200GS last evening Last evening as I arrived home via my afternoon commute; the farkle fairy dropped off a new set of tires for R1200GS Adventure. 4 weeks ago I fitted new Metzeler Tourance's to the R1200GS just before rolling out on Ride-About 2008. With 7000...