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  1. Sue Hopper with our painted trailer

    While we were at Wing Wing a few years ago, we had Sue Hopper (Wonders by Sue) paint and air brush our Bustec Trailer top.
  2. Drake

    The is our mascot. He has traveled about 50,000 milles with us.
  3. Tips & Training
    The Co-Rider, Passenger; we are called 2-up or co-pilot We are called Co-Rider, Passenger; we are 2-up, co-pilot. So really what does that mean? From the past we were know as a passenger, we sat on the back or rear seat of a motorcycle. Today we are mostly called co-riders. Why do I say that...
  4. All lit up!

    Just add lights, and wow, WOW.
  5. Traveling out west

    Our trip out west in July 2007.
1-5 of 5 Results