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  1. New Member Pitstop/Introductions
    hello my name is robbc and im new to the forum, im in need of some serious help and not sure where to post this so sry in advance.. i recently bought an older yamaha, early to mid 80's. the tag is worn on the goose neck and i cannot find the yr and model or the vin. all i have is what was...
  2. Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    Greetings all :) First post here. I haven't had a motorcycle for years, but I'm looking to buy one now. So far I have been looking at the Suzuki GSX650F and it looks like a good candidate, but I haven't been able to find anything specific about the model years. Can anyone help me with the...
  3. Suzuki
    Hello, i need your help guys. I bought my first bike, Suzuki GS500 but I have a problem with model letter of this bike. On internet i found information only about GS500E and GS500F (i know differences between E and F). But in my registration certificate I have Suzuki GS500 U. But for first...
1-3 of 3 Results