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  1. Upgrades and Mods

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    New member here. I own a 2015 Suzuki GSX S750 that I layed down awhile back. I figured I'd upgrade some parts to after market parts. I'm having a hard time finding/knowing what parts are compatible with my bike. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Interested in bars, levers, exhaust...
  2. minimum battery amp hours

    Mechanics Corner
    i have a 1982 yamaha xs650, heavily modded, kickstart only. it came with a tiny battery the size of a deck of cards. you turn the bike on to start it, and this battery has just enough juice power it up to start. in theory. in reality i think it's not quite enough. i've always had difficulty...
  3. M50 rear fender on 2006 C50 help.

    Volusia/C50 Getaway
    All I want is an M50 fender on my c50. If I can avoid drilling and fab, that would be ideal. I know it's been done, I just need a simple, bulleted list of parts that I need to order (where to order would be a nice bonus too). I know I need the fender (duh), new light, maybe a fender mount...
  4. HELP: Lifan LF200 mods

    Mechanics Corner
    Is there something wrong with my motorcycle? Or do people think there is something wrong with it? I have a Lifan LF200 (iii) motorcycle and the top speed is 75. I have a 35 tooth rear sprocket and 14 tooth front sprocket. I have the conical airfilter unlike the stock airbox. I also have a Sheng...
  5. i'm new to this site M50 owner

    New Member Pitstop
    Hi all i am new to this site, recently purchased a 2006 M50. I want to do some modifications ie. More top end speed, Windscreen, Highway pegs i was wondering if other owners had some ideas or opinions for me. Thanks