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  1. New Member Pitstop
    Short Intro: I'm Steve, 35 Years old, just got into motorcycles. Been interested in them and wanting to get one for years, just now recently had a little extra income to just say "%%%% it" and buy one. I took the PA Rider Course, a free course providing classroom and riding instruction (I...
  2. Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    I am looking to buy my first motorcycle. I found a good offer. A 2006 Ninja 650R with 9,700 miles for $2,500. Only problem is after I told the seller I was interested, he told me it needs a new throttle body. He said it runs fine now but cuts out when you gun it. He is replacing it for me...
  3. New Member Pitstop
    Heya Guys and Gals, I'm brand new to biking. Never ridden. I've been doing lots of reading (and lurking) through various forums and biking magazines lately. I've liked a lot of the information that I've read here. You all seem to be a very knowledgeable crowd and provide great advice and...
1-3 of 3 Results