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    I got a 93 Nighthawk 750, was running fine after it sat for less than a month while I worked on some other issues, I finished what I was working on, Saturday morning. Rode the bike That day, The next day, and then to work on Monday morning. Took it for a 30 minute ride on my lunch break, topped...
  2. New Member Pitstop
    Hi there! I'm a new rider from Oakland, introducing myself ... I just bought the sweetest little 1995 Nighthawk and it's so much fun :mrgreen: Pleasure to meet yall ! - Seras
  3. Honda
    So, I'm looking for some advice for my first bike. I’ve heard so many great things about Nighthawks, and I’m thinking about buying this bike from someone off of Craig’s List for $750. The only thing is the gas tank has a hole in it, which the owner says he’s welding right now. I guess that...
  4. My bike

    My bike

    1983 CB650 Nighthawk
  5. My bike

    My bike

    1983 CB650 Nighthawk
  6. My Bikes

    My Bikes

    1983 CB650 Nighthawk
  7. My Bike

    My Bike

    1983 CB650 Nighthawk