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no spark

  1. Mechanics Corner
    Hi all I'm new on here so hopefully I have not asked for help in the wrong section. Okay so I have been working on my bike over the last month and I'm struggling like hell, had the bike running previously and now its decided to be a pain and lose its spark, there don't seem to be a current...
  2. Yamaha
    I need help guys and gals, I just bought a 1999 Yamaha v star 1100 and its only running on the rear cylinder. sent it to a shop and paid $475 and still nothing, they did the carbs plugs gas all that. it is getting fuel and spark but no bang??? please help with any ideas!!
  3. Mechanics Corner
    I recently picked up a 1977 Yamaha XS360 and I can't get a spark on it. It has a. Brand new battery and all the connections are good. It has a points ignition system which I'm quite new to, Any suggestions? Thanks.