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no spark

  1. 1400 Intruder 96 No spark

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi all I'm new on here so hopefully I have not asked for help in the wrong section. Okay so I have been working on my bike over the last month and I'm struggling like hell, had the bike running previously and now its decided to be a pain and lose its spark, there don't seem to be a current...
  2. 1999 yamaha v star 1100 dead cylinder!!

    I need help guys and gals, I just bought a 1999 Yamaha v star 1100 and its only running on the rear cylinder. sent it to a shop and paid $475 and still nothing, they did the carbs plugs gas all that. it is getting fuel and spark but no bang??? please help with any ideas!!
  3. Yamaha XS360C no spark? please help.

    Mechanics Corner
    I recently picked up a 1977 Yamaha XS360 and I can't get a spark on it. It has a. Brand new battery and all the connections are good. It has a points ignition system which I'm quite new to, Any suggestions? Thanks.