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  1. Bandit 600n knocking noise

    Bandit Lair
    Hello. I would like to know what could be the cause of a metal knocking sound from the upper left side of the engine that doesn't go away even when warmed up, the sound is very strong and can be noticed from a distance, unless I throttle it and the exhaust sound covers it a bit. This is a...
  2. M50 clicking noise

    So I have a 06 m50 boulevard. It has a clicking noise while free rolling. Running or off. Sounds like it's coming from the rear tire or right under the rider. I took it to a shop and they tore the ass end of it apart. Every bearing was good and regreased. Even the shaft. The noise was gone, for...
  3. Vibrating Noise on Raodliner 2006

    G'day, I just bought a few weeks ago my 2006 Roadliner S and love it. However, I have noticed a really loud vibrating noise that always happens at a certain rev. I found out that it is the Headlight cover that makes the noise because as soon as I put my finger on it the noise stops, so that's...
  4. 3/4 helmet

    Motorcycle-Journal Haberdashery: Gear and Helmets
    I have pretty cheap 3/4 helmet. Not so heavy, nice looking and with tinted visor. Everything looks good except one small tiny problem. This small problem is NOISE. My ****g helmet is EXTREMELY noisy. Even at speed 60+ km/h whistling sound make me crazy. So I definitely need replacement. I did...
  5. Engine noise 'revisited'

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    I have lived with this ticking noise for about two years now. A year and a half ago I let one of my local stealerships work on it assuming it was a valve issue. Valves within specs. they tell me and blame the noise on a possible loose heat shield. Long story short... Picked up my bike from...