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  1. Suzuki Marauder VZ800 Surge, Pop, Backfire, and Die.

    Mechanics Corner
    Greetings all, THE BIKE: So, I have a beautiful blue Suzuki Marauder VZ800. 2001. About 268k miles. It has Vance and Hines debaffled exhaust with proper jetting as well, done by the previous owners mechanic. The pipes are wrapped and the bike does still have the PAIR valve still on (this may...
  2. VZ800 Marauder (carb) misfiring???

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello Motorcycle forum. I have a 98' VZ800 Marauder, I think it's a Canadian import. Anyway, I have a problem with my rear jug (cylinder 1) It seems to be misfiring. It takes 10 times as long to warm up from idle, the front jug exhaust header will be un-touchable whiten a minute while the back...
  3. New Rider PLEASE HELP

    Can anyone please tell me if this is a problem? It doesn't look right. Hopefully I'm just being paranoid. Also, my bike (Victory Vegas 8 Ball) is having weird RPM issues and "choking," cruising, on 4th gear at 2500 Rpms. and between 40-55mph. Cheers Matt
  4. Please help diagnosing Starting issue

    Hey guys, New here and new to the Suzuki world in general. Bought the Suzuki GZ250 (2005) from a guy who owns a riding school. A few scratches here and there but I tested it twice and it ran fine both times. Let it sit in my garage for a couple days, wouldn't start last night. Sounded like...
  5. 1982 Suzuki GS650L wont' start

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello all! I'm new to the forum and also new to motorcycles; that doesn't mean I'm not good with wrench. I recently bought a 1982 Suzuki GS650L that needed carbs tuned and most likely a new battery. The bike started up and ran for a few moments until it died out. I've gone through all the steps...
  6. Calling all carburetor experts!!

    Mechanics Corner
    Hello! New to the forum and I'm having carburetor issues. Let me start from the beginning. I purchased my bike (1981 Suzuki gs1000g) off craigslist and the previous owner said he hadn't had it running for probably 6 months and that it hadn't ran well in 2 years. I'm very new to carburetors so I...
  7. M50 clicking noise

    So I have a 06 m50 boulevard. It has a clicking noise while free rolling. Running or off. Sounds like it's coming from the rear tire or right under the rider. I took it to a shop and they tore the ass end of it apart. Every bearing was good and regreased. Even the shaft. The noise was gone, for...
  8. new and throttle trouble

    New Member Pitstop
    Hi guys. I'm new to the motorcycle worworld. I have a 2005 Hyosung gv250. Let's start by it ran perfect at buy. He told me to gas it up cuz it was sitting for a year abd I forgot. The bike stalled. I got gas and jumped it with a car!!!! Got new battery and now it sits idle like a star. If it was...
  9. VZ1600 Marauder Engine Problem

    A friend of mine has a Suzuki VZ1600 which needed two timing chains. It was left with "Bike Mechanics" who fitted two timing chains and a tensioner. We went to lift the bike and when we started the bike it was off the timing, it sounded like a qaud. After a lot of arguing the mechanics would not...
  10. 1982 Suzuki GS750E electrical help.

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi I'm new to this site and am needing help/advice on some wiring things on my 1982 gs750e. I bought the bike as a learning experience to get into bikes and the guy I bought it from did a lot of stuff ie bypassing the clutch safety, cutting off the blinkers, and cutting the ignition switch so...
  11. needs some help new to shaft driven bikes

    New Member Pitstop
    I have a 1993 intruder 1400 4 speed shaft drive. The frame was junk but motor and everything else is in great condition and definitely reusable. So I was thinking about just buying another frame and using all the parts. Problem is I can't use a salvaged frame due to state laws in Vermont cause...
  12. Hydraulic clutch help

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi,I just recently purchased a Gas Gas EC125 2002 which has a hydraulic clutch. I have bled the clutch to high heaven and for the life of me there is still no clutch. I have recently fitted a new inner clutch hub and springs which work fine. There are no leaks in the line as I have checked. I...
  13. 1999 Yamaha Vstar classic 650 Not starting :(

    Hi! my dad and i are having a problem getting my bike to work. it´s been sitting for a while. We have tried running it, putting octaine booster in the old gas, and drained the gas and put new gasand stabelizer and booster in it, tried to run it and it still won´t run properly. The bike will run...
  14. Help please!

    The Paddock
    Hey Everyone, I just purchased an '81 GS750E and seem to already have problems. The bike was running when I purchased it, just leaking oil from the head gasket. As soon as I got it home, the bike would not start. I noticed the petcock was on prime when I got home so I figured the engine...
  15. Suzuki GS400t Starter and Turn Signal Issues

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey Everyone, Earlier today I approached a light on my bike and stalled getting ready to turn left. I attempted to start the bike again but the starter solenoid only clicks and the engine doesn't turn. Additionally, when I turn on the bike all lights work but my left turn signal doesn't blink...