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  1. 2000 ZX9 RPM Skipping

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    I have a 2000 ZX9 and just started recently experiencing a problem with my RPM skipping after it reaches 7000. Instead of gradually increasing like its supposed to it just skips forward to 10-12k RPM without the performance reflecting. Its more so in the higher gears. It won't give me maximum...
  2. fuel and carb hose confusion

    New Member Pitstop
    I have a 2005 hyosung gv250. Im a bit confused about. Some of the hose from the gas tank and carb. When I was taking out my gas tank my return hose I believe it is. The one directly under the gas tank wasn't connected to anyting and the hose connected to the left side of the bike on the double...
  3. 1983 suzuki gs1100e fuses

    I have a 1983 suzuki gs1100e great bike I love it but I have a bit of a problem lately. I have have multiple fuses blow of just one three to be exact. My blinkers, the main and the dash ( the speedo lights and warning lights) now the night before I did wash my bike just to get the dirt off the...
  4. Just Bought an old, beaten up '84 Suzuki FA50. Needs work, insight?

    Mechanics Corner
    Hey MCF. Just picked my self up an old FA50 for a whopping $230. It runs alright, body is complete, but there are a few issues and concerns. I dont know much about these scooters, so I'll list the issues off to you guys. Please feel free to tell me what you all think i should do to adress them...
  5. Baffled by startimg issues

    So I have a 97 suzuki marauder that will not start. I hit the starter button and it just clicks. I changed out that battery and the starter solenoid but it is still just clicking. I'm new to riding and have run out of ideas. Can anyone offer up some advice on this before I roll my bike off a...
  6. Katana 600 turns over great... But will not start.

    Mechanics Corner
    I have a 98 katana 600. It's ran great for the past year however just 2 days ago I brought it out for a spin and was unable to start it. It will turn over just fine and once in a great while it actually will sputter into a start for about 5-10 seconds then shuts off and will not even sputter...