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  1. Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    Rebuilding a 2003 Suzuki Katana 600 and I need to rebuild the forks (new bushings, seals, dust cover, retaining clip) Looking all over the internet for a rebuild kit but since the forks are 41MM will any kit with 41mm stamp work? Very Ignorant here and dunno where else to look. Got quoted for...
  2. Mechanics Corner
    Been working on getting my 1996 Suzuki intruder running. I'm getting it fired up and running great but it cuts off when I try to shift into first gear. Checked/bled fluid. What next?
  3. Suzuki
    Hello, I recently purchased a 1981 Suzuki gs1100 that has been sitting in a shed since 1983. I have no experience with motorcycles and bought this one to rebuild from the ground up to help me learn before I started riding. I need some helpful tips and advice on where to start and what are some...
1-3 of 3 Results